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Laser Surgery


The advancement of laser technology revolutionized many common surgical procedures. Since 1977, laser surgery has been performed at the Born Clinic.

Born Clinic’s Advanced Laser Technology means:

  • Less Pain
  • Reduced Scarring
  • Rapid Healing
  • Less Inconvenience

In basic terms, a laser beam is simply light coordinated into a single frequency and thereby made potent and controllable. When the laser is beamed at unwanted cells, these cells absorb so much of the laser’s energy that they vaporize – disappearing into a puff of steam. Cells can be removed a layer at a time without disturbing surrounding tissue. Healing is, therefore, rapid and pain and scarring are minimal.

For the quick, safe, in-office removal of:


Warts Planter Warts Venereal Warts Moles
Ingrown Toenails Skin Cancer Skin Disorders


In Their Own Words

Born Clinic is filled with caring professionals who diagnose and treat the source of illness as naturally as possible rather than masking the symptoms with chemical pills.
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