Heavy Metal Testing

We recommend heavy metal testing with Na2 EDTA to determine the body’s overall exposure to and accumulation of toxins that contribute to the aging process and may lead to illnesses

A heavy metal panel (test) is a group of tests used to measure the quantity of specific and potentially toxic metals in the body.

While some traces of heavy metals are normal for body function, significant concentrations of any heavy metal can be irritating or damaging to the body.  Common toxic metals include, but are not limited to: lead, mercury and arsenic.

Moderate to large quantities of heavy metals can accumulate in the kidneys, liver, bones, and brain. Some metals are considered carcinogenic, which could lead to an increased risk of developing cancer, and some can affect the body’s ability to produce healthy blood cells.

Heavy metal testing is conducted to monitor the efficacy of chelation therapy.

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“I am so thankful for the Born Clinic! The team has been so friendly and are good at what they do. Acupuncture made a huge difference for me, as well as food intolerance testing. Amazing office, especially if you feel like you need more help than traditional medicine has been able to provide you.”

– Allie

“My health was deteriorating rapidly, too many details to cover in this small space. Got connected with Dr. Born by accident but it truly changed my life! Now, some 6 years later, at age 68, I am, literally, in the best shape of my life!!"

– Mark B.

“After 18 months of debilitating pain, swelling, and other symptoms; 6 doctors later, I found this place! After a diagnosis of Lyme, Dr. Pedke took the time and is amazing! ALL of the staff are caring, helpful, and professional. I am now feeling almost like myself again! Big shout out to the fantastic IV staff, I really feel cared for. Liza, Michelle, and Alaina….you ROCK!!”

– Kelly R.

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