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In Their Own Words

Dear Dr. Coller,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you, and all of the wonderful personnel at the Born Clinic for the outstanding healthcare that I have received during the past year. Having never been treated for Lyme disease when I was in the acute phase, so being treated now with respect and dignity as well as being validated by you and your staff are really huge issues for me.

I am very grateful for your knowledge of functional medicine, as well as your mastery of traditional and alternative approaches to healthcare. I am very grateful for your knowledge of functional medicine, as well as your mastery of traditional and alternative approaches to healthcare. It really means a lot to me that you are so thorough and so careful and have been equally so with my sister, who is also one of your patients. I am certain that anyone who works with you will receive such unparalleled care, which is why whenever the opportunity comes along to refer you to anyone, and in my Lyme support group, I wholeheartedly recommend you.

I also wanted to say how unusual it is in this day and age for a doctor to be as pleasant as you are. You always wear such a nice, warm and welcoming smile; and you have never rushed me along as a patient while I detail my complex medical presentation. This, in India, would deliver to you your weight in gold. I look forward to gaining even more ground with you in regards to my health in the coming year.

Thank you so much for everything!

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M.L., Lake Isabella

As parents of 3 kids with an ongoing list of health issues, including cough-variant asthma, eczema, anxiety, chronic ear infections, speech delay and behavioral, attention and sensory issues, we were desperate to try anything. Especially after a winter of one illness after another, rounds of antibiotics, and no end in sight. Born Clinic has an approach unlike any other office we’ve been to. Instead of treating health issues with medications, they focus on looking for the cause. We had all three kids tested for food sensitivities and started them all on elimination diets, along with supplements to treat their gut issues and boost their immune systems. The results were incredible. Our oldest son no longer had issues with cough variant asthma and has not used his inhaler since, his eczema cleared up and his anxiety was managed. Our daughter was noticeably more focused; her outbursts and mood swings were no longer an issue. Our youngest son, who had been sick practically since birth, no longer had ear infections and his behavioral and sensory issues, along with his speech, were markedly improved. And last but definitely not least, we’ve made it through this winter illness free! We will forever be grateful for the dedication of the physicians at Born Clinic. A special thanks to Robert Miller, P.A.-C., whose compassion and persistence has made it possible for us to now have three happy, healthy kids!

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M.S., Grandville

I am 17 years old and I started getting headaches and struggling with some other pain when I was around 11. I have been dealing with chronic headaches and migraines since then and the pain started to spread all over my body. It got to the point where I often couldn’t even think straight because the pain was so bad. We tried multiple doctors and chiropractors and would sometimes get temporary relief, but nothing that stayed. We heard about Born Clinic and, while treating the pain, discovered that I had gall bladder and liver troubles that may have contributed to the pain. Arkadiy Sarkisov* was able to help with that. Dr. Cohn discovered that I have poor connective tissue and recommended prolotherapy. He and Dr. Born gave me the treatments in my back, neck, ribs, head, and along my back right above my hips. The shots helped my body hold the adjustments and have taken away the majority of the pain.

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G.S., NW Michigan

*Arkadiy Sarkisov is a certified acupuncturist and trained massage therapist.

My legs, knees, and back have been very painful as the result of two falls a year ago. I have done physical therapy with slight improvement. My pain tolerance is high, but I had reached a limit and my lifestyle wasn’t good. Dr. Born told me to try Dr. Cohn. What a great improvement, unbelievable really. I have had only 4 or 5 treatments and have maintained better movement and stability. Dr. Cohn is a very terrific new addition to the healing team at Born Clinic.

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N.P., West Michigan

When I first arrived at the Born Clinic, I was a true mess. I was foggy, sad, tired, and having multiple hot flashes. I wanted Dr. Pedtke’s opinion on hormone replacement treatment. Meeting Dr. Pedtke for the first time was so much fun. Her enthusiasm for helping me feel better was amazing! Thanks to the Born Clinic and Dr. Pedtke’s help, I spent a much more comfortable summer. Please keep up the good work!

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D.G., West Michigan

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for over 10 years from a car accident. I have tried many types of treatments and have seen several specialists over those 10 years. Some treatments would help but they were all very temporary and the pain and frustration kept returning. Then Dr. Born suggested I see Dr. Cohn. After the first treatment, I felt better and noticed improvement in symptoms. I can honestly say that after the third treatment, I was virtually pain free!! I wish I would have had this treatment 10 years ago. I am really enjoying not having pain on a daily basis! I am so thrilled with Dr. Cohn. I would recommend him to anyone suffering from pain. He really listens and gets to the bottom of what is causing it.

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T.C., West Michigan

Dr. Cohn was recommended by Dr. Tammy Born. I was thinking my appointment would be similar to chiropractic. Little did I know ”what a big difference! Dr. Cohn was checking my lower back and said, “You did not tell me that you have a problem here.” I told him it has been that way for years and all other doctors told me it was arthritis. So I have just lived with the pain. After about 15 minutes of my treatment with Dr. Cohn, the pain was gone. I mean gone! No pain in my lower back. He also helped other areas of my body. This is the truth! Please, if you have pain, see Dr. Cohn. He is wonderful and a very nice man.

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C.D., Lower Michigan

Before coming to the Born Clinic, I was a 68-year-old female going on 90. I felt tired and sluggish every day. My skin was dry and flakey, and I was chilly all the time. I was beginning to notice quite a bit of hair loss. The outer edges of my eyebrows looked as though they had been shaved off. Every time I mentioned my concern that my thyroid was not functioning properly, my test results would come back within normal limits. My symptoms did not pay attention to test scores. It wasn’t until I was seen by Dr. Pedtke that I received proper treatment. Today, I no longer worry about going bald. Hair loss is no longer a concern. My skin is not dry and flaking. I’m not tired all the time. I have more energy, and I don’t shiver like [I did] even in the summertime. But the real miracle happened when Dr. Pedtke discovered that I had a real serious problem with insulin resistance. She not only started me on Metformin, she changed the direction of my life. I have had a weight problem since childhood. I have tried about every diet know to man–the good, the bad, and the ugly–without success. Metformin changed all of that. I actually think of other things besides food now! I used to be hungry all the time and that has changed dramatically. Now, when I go shopping with friends, I’m thinking about which stores we are going to shop in rather than where we are going to eat. I’m no longer hungry all the time, even after just eating. My refrigerator no longer loses it’s cool because I was in it so often. I still have to make the right choices, but it is not so difficult to do. I feel better today than I have in years. Another bonus: my fingernails are stronger and my hands look better. The Born Clinic has helped me from head to toe. I just wish I had discovered them sooner.

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K.M., SW Michigan

I first met Dr. Born in March of 2010. I was unsatisfied with my gynecologist’s suggested treatment of an abnormal pap smear and wanted a second opinion. During the exam, I mentioned that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and would probably never haul wood or shovel snow again. She said, “Not till we get your ligaments fixed.” Needless to say, she had my attention. She ordered several blood draws that concluded that I was sensitive to many of the foods I was eating, treated me for a chronic bacterial infection, and on the second visit in April, started prolotherapy. It’s now December and the horrible lower back pain that I struggled with for several years is almost completely gone. I’m still in disbelief and enjoying every moment! My lifestyle has changed a bit, as I have adopted a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle. I realize the importance of taking my supplements and faithfully stretching and exercising every day. My hormones are back in balance and my husband and children are glad to have their wife and mother back. Thank you so much, Dr. Born, for your dedication to excellence in preventive health! Every day is bright and cheery; the darkness I had known for quite sometime is absolutely gone!

P.S. I thank God for what He has done for me through the Born Clinic and humbled to think of where I would be right now had I not been able to pursue this sensible, scientific approach to regain my health.

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M.S., St. Johns, Michigan

I came to see Dr. Pedtke in the autumn of 2007 with a chronic cough and a history of Hashimoto’s Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from 1996-1998. After taking a full blood spectrum test for food sensitivities, I was instructed by Dr. Pedtke to remove 14 different foods from my diet for six months. After only two weeks, my chronic cough went away and, since then, with the aid of multi-vitamins and minerals and a prescription of Progesterone, my energy is excellent, my health is strong and my spirit is happy! I am forever grateful for Dr. Pedtke’s help, her compassion and insight, at a time in my life when I was in great need. Bless you!

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R.R.M., Royal Oak, Michigan

Dear Patients: Thank you so much for responding to our Clinic surveys.
Here are some of the things you said:

“Great place!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.”

“All the receptionists are very pleasant. I just love coming to Born Clinic; it has really changed my life.”

“Most painless blood draw I’ve ever had!!”

“I really appreciate the length of time the doctor spends with me.”

“Everyone at Born Clinic does their job well—with courtesy and efficiency.”

“I am glad that you aren’t always fast to use prescription drugs.”

“Thank you and bless you, Dr. Tammy, for your beautiful, healing heart.”

“I was so thankful you could see me on the Friday of a holiday weekend. I loved Jackie! She was kind and so helpful. It was a very refreshing experience for a doctor’s office. Thank you.”

“I was very pleased when I left the Born Clinic. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere, and Dr. Pedtke really took the time to listen to me. I loved it!”

“We have referred two people to you already. I hope they are taking advantage of your expertise.”

“You have some super gals working here.”

“Excellent services.”

“I was very impressed with the efficiency and organization of your clinic.”

“I love the Born Clinic.”

“Finally, we found someone who actually cares!”

“Everyone was wonderful!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.”

“All were super!”

“Born Clinic is wonderful. Everyone is skilled, professional, and personable. I have complete faith in the doctors.”

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In Their Own Words

I was very sick and in constant pain. I feel so much better. I would recommend this clinic to anyone without reservation.
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