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Every woman, 18 or 80, is at risk for breast cancer. Breast cancer is occurring more frequently now than ever. In 1950, one in twenty women developed breast cancer, and usually at 60 or 70 years of age. Now breast cancer occurs in one of every eight women and has involved more young women than ever before! The choices you make today to care for your breasts may determine your fate. Detecting the disease early may give you a 97% survival rate and real options for treatment. The alternative is deadly.

Thermography TreatmentYou have likely tried self examination of your breasts as recommended by the American Cancer Society, however it is difficult for anyone but an expert to find a lump until it has grown to about 1 inch in diameter. This is not “early detection” as the disease is likely to have spread. Your physician may have urged you to get a mammogram, but you have hesitated because you know the compression will be painful and, despite reassurances, you are concerned about the x-ray radiation. The truth is that a mammogram is a limited test, especially in pre-menopausal women, or women taking hormone replacement therapy. X-ray radiation certainly is a real risk in developing breast cancer.

Now consider Thermology. It has been developed over the past 36 years in major medical universities and women’s clinics around the world. Thermology does not involve compression or any form of physical contact. Thermology is a passive non x-ray technique that has become the accepted means of screening for breast disease in many developed countries. Thermology involves the imaging of infrared energy from the body with a special camera. The energy produced is the result of the metabolism of the cells and tissues in the body. Abnormal cellular features can be detected to screen for different forms of breast disease with high reliability.

With the development of an objective criteria system in 1975 at the prestigious Pasteur Institute in France, thermology has emerged as a proper science and reliable means of screening for breast disease. Thermology may provide earliest detection of breast cancer and even pre-cancerous changes.

Thermology has provided many women with a very safe and sensitive form of screening for breast diseases with discrete and personalized care. Thermology is risk free, and thus does not require a referral from a physician. We have established a relationship with Therma-Scan to provide the testing here at Born Preventive Health Care Clinic. After the pictures are recorded, they will be forwarded to the experts at Therma-Scan for evaluation and the written reports are then sent back to us for continued patient care.

You can call today to schedule an appointment at the Born Clinic. Remember, until breast cancer can be prevented, early detection gives you the best chance of a cure.


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